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Why am I seeing SHQ* on my bank statement

If you've encountered a line item in your credit card statement that looks like SHQ*XXXXXXXX (XXX being a website or company name) then you've come to the right place.
CyberCom Pay is an online payment processing service (much like PayPal) used by thousands of small business owners in New Zealand. Chances are, that you used your credit card to purchase some goods and/or services from one of the businesses using CyberCom Pay as their payment gateway.

All transactions processed by CyberCom Pay on behalf of its merchants appear on cardholder's credit card statement in this manner. The characters following the ‘SHQ*’ should indicate to you the merchant/business/website or company you transacted with.

After a transaction takes place, in some cases CyberCom Pay also sends an electronic receipt that comes from notify.cybercompay.com and originates from {merchant company}@notify.cybercompay.com email address. You could try searching for such an email in your inbox. Sometimes emails end up in junk folders so its also a good idea to check your junk box as well… just in case.
If for some reason, you are unable to locate this purchase or cannot remember how this transaction came about, you have two options:
Email our transactions team on transactions@cybercompay.com and we will be happy to assist you locate this transaction. Please note, our turn-around time is 24 hours (during business days) from the time we receive your email.

Call your bank and ask them to trace this transaction for you.

In case of a transactional dispute, we recommend that you contact the merchant whom the goods/services were purchased from. If you have managed to locate the business/organization you transacted with, please contact them directly.
We also recommend that you contact your credit card’s issuing bank to investigate the transaction further.

If you still don't remember the transaction you can check the merchant business name provided you have the below fields.