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Post Payment Redirection

Once your customer’s credit card has been charged, the card holder can be redirected from the payment page in one of two ways:

Redirect Card Holder to CyberCom Pay’s Default Page

CyberCom Pay provides a default landing page that inherits the look and feel of your payment pages as the page your cardholders are sent to after a transaction is processed. You can click on the ‘preview’ link on the payment page design settings screen to see what it looks like.

Redirect Card Holder to a Page of Your Choice

You can also specify a special URL you would like your customers to be redirected to after the transaction has been processed. Typically your web developers can create a script on your website that can process information CyberCom Pay sends to all redirection URLs for some back office management and then redirect the card holder to a custom designed ‘Thank You’ page.

CyberCom Pay will POST back the following URL parameters to your chosen redirection URL (we call it the callback URL) for further processing within your own website back end.

customer_email (assuming you passed this to us when initiating the transaction)

item_quantity (Quantity of items sold)

transaction_value (This is the dollar value of the transaction)

response_code (This is CyberCom Pay’s response code. Here’s a list of all possible codes)

response_message (This is the processing bank’s response to the transaction. E.g. Approved)

result (The transaction result)

Redirection for Buy Now Buttons

If you are using ‘Buy Now’ buttons, you can also redirect your website visitors to specific pages on your website based on whether the transaction was successful or not.

To use this feature, simply go to Merchant Tools and then click on Manage Products.

Lookup the product you wish to apply this feature to and click on the pencil icon to edit the product.

In the form, you will see an option for ‘Redirect the customer back to one of my website’s pages after payment has been made’

Apply the correct URL in the Accepted URL and Declined URL section and click on Edit Product button.

Once you’ve applied this setting, the user will be redirected to your specified pages after a transaction is processed.