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Exporting Transaction Records

There are 3 primary types of reports you can generate from within the Reports Centre. To do this:
1. Navigate to ‘Transactions’ at the top menu within your merchant console.
2. Click ‘Report Centre’
Transactions by Card Type
This report gives you a breakdown of all transactions within the date range by card type, showing you a breakdown of transactions by Visa and MasterCard.
Transactions By Date
This report shows you a list of all your transactions within a specified date range. Transactions are shown as a table and a line graph, visually representing the volume fluctuations over the specified date range.
From the drop down menu, choose the period for which you’d like to see that data and click on the export link to
Averages & Sales
This report gives you averages and sales associated with transactions appearing within a certain date range. Items included in this report are:
Total Sales and Value per Day/Week/Month
Total Sales and Value
Average Txns daily and Value
Note that our integration team is currently working on a new feature which will allow you to export your sales and customer data right into Quickbooks. Stay tuned!