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CyberCom Pay Plugin for Ubercart

This is a module for Ubercart which enables you to use CyberCom Pay Plugin as a payment method for Drupal Ubercart. Project page on drupal.org


Download CyberCom Pay Checkout for Ubercart (v.1.3.1)


Please install this extension through the normal Drupal module installation process (Modules -> Install New Module)
After successful installation it will appear in the list under "UBERCART - PAYMENT" as "CyberCom Pay Checkout"
Enable it and Save Configuration
Then configure the plugin (Store -> Payment Methods -> CyberCom Pay Checkout -> settings), adding the following details from your CyberCom Pay Merchant login under Settings -> API Credentials:
Merchant ID
Payment Page Url
Api Url
And finally configure your CyberCom Pay account to send customers back to your shop after they pay. In your Merchant login under Settings -> Payment Notifiers, set:
Callback Url: %YOUR_WEBSITE%/?q=cart/cybercompay.complete
Callback pass back user data: on
LPN Url: %YOUR_WEBSITE%/?q=cart/cybercompay.complete
making sure to replace %YOUR_WEBSITE% with your website url, e.g. https://www.example.com/?q=cart/cybercompay.complete...
All done, test it out, add some products to your cart and you will get the option to pay with CyberCom Pay.

Ubercart must be configured to use a currency that your CyberCom Pay Merchant Account supports for customers to be able to use CyberCom Pay to be a payment option. To see a list of currencies supported by CyberCom Pay see Settings -> API Credentials in your merchant account. To see the currency Ubercart is using see Store -> Configuration -> Store -> Currency Format.


If you have trouble, please view the readme.txt file included in the download or contact support.