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Setting up a recurring subscription plan

Setting up new subscription plans is easy. Simply log into your merchant console and click on the Merchant Tools tab (across the top) and then click on the “Subscription Plans” link on the left hand side.

Then click on the “New Subscription Plan” button on the right hand side.

  • Give your subscription plan a name
  • Provide a short description - this is shown to your customers when they come to the payment page where their credit card details will be requested. Hence it is recommended that you include a list of everything that’s included in this subscription plan. E.g. Includes 12 monthly issues of the Amazing Recipes Magazine.
  • Enter the price in NZD - This price should be inclusive of any taxes, shipping costs or additional charges applicable. This is the amount that will be debited from the customers’ credit cards every time the subscription cycle is renewed.
  • If you have enabled multi currencies inside the Settings menu, provide the subscription price in other currencies or click on the “Calculate exchange rates for other countries” to automatically apply today’s exchange rate relative to your NZD price.
  • Enter Initial Setup Cost (optional) – If your subscription plan requires an initial setup or upfront payment then please provide that amount in this box including any taxes, shipping or other applicable charges. This amount will be added to the first recurring payment when the customer signs up. You can provide the initial setup cost in multiple currencies in the same way as described above.
  • Choose subscription duration - In this section you can specify whether this is a fixed term contract (cancellation not possible before term ends) or an on-going contract (cancellation is possible before next billing cycle is due).
  • Frequency - Use the available options to specify the frequency of renewal for this subscription. For monthly plans use “Charge Period” of Monthly “every” 1 month.
  • Terms & conditions - You must provide any and every term or condition that’s applicable to this subscription plan. Failure to completely disclose all your terms could result in chargebacks for which you will be held responsible.
  • Choose a subscription button - Select a subscription button based on templates you can create under Settings > Manage Buttons.

When done, click on the “Create Subscription Template” button.