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Managing subscription plans

Managing Subscription Plans

To manage your existing subscription plans, simply click on the “Merchant Tools” tab on the top and then click on the “Subscription Plans” link on the left.

Here you will see a list of current subscription plans you have setup.

Click on the pencil icon to edit a plan.

Caution about changing prices

Remember, if you edit a plan price, any historical subscriptions already in progress will not be affected by it. Hence, any changes made to the price today, will only be effective for new subscribers signing up from today onward. Those that signed up yesterday will be charged yesterday’s (old) price.

Currently, the only way for existing subscribers to be charged an increased price is to cancel their current subscriptions and have them sign up for a new one.

Cloning subscription plans

If you have identical plans with minor changes in details, then use the “Clone Stamp” icon next to a subscription plan to duplicate the plan. This is a good way to save time.

Deleting a plan

Because anything that has a red X in the middle is inherently a dangerous icon to give to users, we have made it a bit tedious to delete a subscription plan.

Before you can delete a plan, you need to click on the pencil icon to edit the plan. Change the plan status from “Active” to “Inactive”. After that, when you go back to the list of Subscription Plans, you will see a Delete icon appear next to it. Click on it and delete the plan if you really have to.