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Accepting Credit Card Payments via Your Business Website

Your CyberCom Pay Merchant Account allows you to accept credit card payments in an offline environment such as over the phone, mail or fax. The transaction fees are the same as if you were accepting credit card payments via your website.

Before you can accept credit card payments, you need to make sure your CyberCom Pay account has been approved and is ready for use. You will receive a confirmation email as well as a set-up phone call when this happens.

Accepting credit card payments on your website requires you to integrate your website with CyberCom Pay’s payment system. You will need your website developer’s help with this. To help your website developers make this happen as fast as possible, we have sample code in PHP as well as ASP and ASP.net in our developer resources. It is best that you have your developers introduced to us by email so that our developer support team can come alongside and assist you in going live as quickly as possible.

Testing before going live: Once your developers have completed the integration, we will provide them with test credit card numbers to help them process a few demo transactions through your website in a development environment before pushing everything live onto a production environment. After the test transactions have produced the right results, we encourage you to process a few real transactions using a real credit card for small amounts (e.g. $1.15 or $2) to make sure everything works out fine.

Once your developers are happy, you can push everything onto the production environment and you’re good to go.