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Accepting Credit Card Payments for Invoices

CyberCom Pay Checkout allows you to start offering credit cards as a payment method to your customers giving them another way to pay your invoices on time.

Please note that CyberCom Pay is not an accounting system and does not produce invoices for you.

You will need to produce the invoice within your preferred accounting software and save the invoice as a PDF first before proceeding to the steps below:

Sending an e-Invoice from CyberCom Pay

1. Click ‘Merchant Tools’ Tab on the top menu

2. Click ‘Invoices’ in the left hand menu

3. Click ‘New Invoice’ to start a new e-Invoice request

4. Specify the customer this invoice relates to. You can type a company name in the search box to look up an existing customer

5. Check the ‘Show All Contacts’ checkbox to view all your customers

6. Enter a new customer in the form on this page

7. Specify/check the email address of the client

8. Enter an invoice reference number (this is for your own use. E.g. the Invoice number)

9. Total amount of the invoice (This is the amount you want the client to pay including taxes and other charges) and the due date of the invoice

10. Upload the invoice in PDF format. You can include notes once you have uploaded the invoice

11. Check either the ‘Send this invoice straight away’ box or to send it later leave the box unchecked.

12. If you don’t check that option, the e-invoice will be created but not sent. You can send an e-invoice already created from the Invoices section.

Here's a short video tutorial showing the same steps as above.