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Merchant Security Requirements

As a CyberCom Pay Merchant you have certain obligations in terms of maintaining adequate security and controls within your organization to protect card holder privacy and any sensitive data.

Under the CyberCom Pay Merchant Terms of Use, you are not allowed to keep any record of a customer’s card number in any form for any reason once the transaction has been processed.

You must make sure all your staff members and anyone that handles “Card Not Present” transactions are aware of their responsibility to maintain due diligence.

We do not recommend sharing your Merchant Account login information with other members of your team. You can create multiple users within your Merchant Console and assign appropriate permissions to each user.

You must maintain your website for continued adherence to our Website Compliance Policy. Any websites that do not meet our Website Compliance Policy for more than 30 days from the point we notify the Merchant, may be suspended or cancelled at our discretion.