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Subscription & Contract APIs

The Subscription API system can be used to dynamically fetch, create and update subscriptions in the CyberCom Pay Checkout system. Subscriptions are known as 'contracts' in the CyberCom Pay system.
About Subscriptions

There are two types of subscription contracts in the CyberCom Pay system. These are template subscription contracts and active subscription contracts. Template subscription contracts are template subscriptions that hold all the subscription information, such as recurring price, duration and terms and conditions. When a subscriber signs up to a subscription, CyberCom Pay copies the data out of a subscription template, and creates a new 'Active' subscription contract.

This new 'active subscription contract' holds information for the the individual's subscription. This new subscription can not be modified by the merchant while it is active (ie, still running) because it is treated as a contract.

Avaliable APIs

The subscription API system has these APIs: