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API Response Format

All CyberCom Pay API's return a standardized JSON object based format


  • response_code - Integer value indicating the staus of the API call (see below for response codes)
  • message - Text value describing the response code
  • data - A JSON object containing data relevant to the request message.
    The variables in this array will change based on the API call, however this field will always be present.

Some common response codes:

  • 200 - 'OK' (API call was successful)
  • 400 - 'Access Denied' (Your merchant id, password or API key is incorrect)
  • 402 - 'System error' (Something went wrong on our servers)
  • 403 - 'Not enough parameters' (API call is missing some required parameters)
  • 404 - 'No results were found' (API call successful but there is no data to return)
  • 407 - 'Inactive Account' (The merchant account has been disabled)
  • 410 - 'Permission Denied' (Your credentials do not have permission to perform the operation)
  • 413 - 'Invalid Format' (The data you supplied is not in the required format)